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15000 lb 20ft Heavy Duty Tow Strap for Cars

by Dawnerz
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  • European Product. Made in Ukraine.
    Manufactured by experts in the production of heavy-duty lifting and cargo equipment.
  • Made from industrial polyester webbing for lifting slings.
  • Exceptionally durable with great wear and moisture resistance.
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Unaffected by chemicals and oils, UV light, and seawater.  
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Duncan Haskins

20ft Heavy Duty Tow Strap with 15000 lb MBS for Cars

Very nice straps.

I bought this for my Forester so I could tow people at a snowbanks in the New England winter. I’m sure it will work well because it feels heavy duty.

D & H
Thick and well stitched

We live in the desert and mountains of West Texas and that means bad roads, off road vehicles and the need to be prepared at all times. Our old tow strap was beginning to fray after 3 years, so this is the replacement.The strap is thick and feels very strong and sturdy. It's well stitched. The package says it's rated for up to 15,000lbs, but our rule is to stay well below the suggested rating. For us, this will be used to pull stuck ATVs out of mud or trails gone bad.

Hugh Watkins
Good quality tow strap

First off I got to say I like the fact this is made in Europe (Ukraine), it's nice to see manufacturing outside of Asia. I got the 2.4 '' x 20 ' 15,000 lbs load option. The build quality is good, stitching is neat. The loop is folded over 3 times, to make it triple reinforced.You can use these for many purposes around the farm, of course you can tow a vehicle with them, but you can also drag trees and use them to pull a tree when cutting it.It's good quality and I expect it to last a while.

More Than Just a Tow Strap

This "tow strap" is the right size and strength for its primary use, as a tow strap for pulling cars, most trucks and any lighter vehicles/items. That however is not what I ordered and use it for. I have a fairly large property and end up having to drop trees on a fairly regular basis. A good tow strap, with the ability to set it up with a slip knot, is indispensable for attaching to the tree that you' taking down. I used the strap this past weekend to attach to a 30" diameter pine tree that needed to come down. I attached the strap to the tree about 25 feet up using two 10' poles connected together. I needed to direct the fall and it was leaning in a different direction so I rigged up a heavy duty (30 ton) hand winch with 130 feet of 3/8th inch synthetic rope (rated at 15 tons) along with a snatch block so I'd be out of the way when it fell. I tightened the winch to the point that I couldn't tighten it any more, at least 10 tons of pulling power and then I made my notch cut and a small felling cut. I didn't want the tree to fall because of the chain saw action, I wanted the tree to fall in the direction of where I had the snatch block set-up. I started winching again and slowly the tree started moving in the direction I wanted. I extended my felling cut a bit more and started winching again. Now the tree started snapping and eventually fell exactly where I wanted it. The tow strap was indispensable since it was relatively easy to get it placed high up on the tree without it falling down and it was strong enough to take the tension placed on it by the winch. I highly recommend this strap for both towing and any other activity you may need it for.