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30000 lb 20ft Heavy Duty Tow Strap for Minivans and SUV

by Dawnerz
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  • European Product. Made in Ukraine.
    Manufactured by experts in the production of heavy-duty lifting and cargo equipment.
  • Made from industrial polyester webbing for lifting slings.
  • Exceptionally durable with great wear and moisture resistance.
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Unaffected by chemicals and oils, UV light, and seawater.  
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris Mills
tow strap

good quality and very good price

Works as described

Bought this for my husband just to keep on the RTV just in case - ends up he needed it to help a neighbor take down a tree before it fell on their house. Worked like a champ!

One for All
Excellent tow strap

So far I LOVE this strap. Used it to pull up a stump (attached to my LR4). It is VERY heavy duty for most consumer uses ... sure, if you have a tow truck, 18-wheeler, or heavy farm equipment you might want something heftier, but for normal towing and related needs for 99% of the vehicles out there, this strap is going to be JUST fine for anything you can throw at it. Love that it rolls up and is easily stored inside a small compartment in my vehicle. Great strap, love it.

Great product

I had a few pieces of machinery I had to pull out of an inaccessible area. One weighed 10,000 pounds, and the other one was 8,000 pounds. This strap worked perfectly to pull them to a location where they could be winched up on an equipment trailer. These straps are very well sewn. They are strong. If they stretch, it's not very much. I can vouch for them up to 10,000 pounds.

Essential for every truck

I recently got a Tacoma and while I had jumper cables and a roadside kit from my last car, there seemed to be a few things missing. I wanted to find a good tow cable that I could use for helping pull others out of trouble, or at the very least to have if I needed someone to help me out of trouble. Typically its recommended to buy straps rated for 3x your vehicle weight. I wanted to opt for something even more just in case I happened to be helping someone else with a larger vehicle than my own.I picked this specific brand of strap for the size of the loops. A lot of the ones I looked at had very tight loops necessitating the use of d-rings to hook them to anything. These loops are a great size and should allow me to hook them over any sort of tow point or loop them through frames.Its the kinda thing you never want to use, but if you need it, its invaluable. I threw it in the side of my back door, but its small enough to go under the drivers seat if need be.