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Type 5 Endless Lifting Slings

Conquer your lifting challenges with the unrivaled versatility of Dawnerz Type 5 Endless webbing slings. These innovative slings are designed to streamline rigging operations while offering exceptional strength and secure handling for diverse applications. Whether you're maneuvering beams in a construction project, managing heavy equipment in a manufacturing facility, or securing cargo for transport, Type 5 polyester web slings provide the adaptability and efficiency you need.

Choose from various WLL options from 6600 to 22000 lbs, to handle the appropriate load weight, and explore our selection of sling lengths to find the perfect fit for your lifting tasks.


Key Features for Effortless Lifting:

  • Endless Loop Design: Adapts to various lifting configurations (vertical, basket, choker hitches) for maximum rigging flexibility.
  • Enhanced Stability: Conforms better to unevenly shaped objects, minimizing load shifting and ensuring secure lifts.
  • Durable Construction: High-quality polyester webbing offers superior resistance to wear and tear, extending the sling's lifespan.
  • Quick Inspections: The continuous loop design allows for rapid and thorough inspections of the entire sling for any signs of damage, promoting safety.
  • Industry Standards: Dawnerz Type 5 endless slings are meticulously crafted to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring peace of mind and confident lifting performance.


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