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What Affects the Strength of a Towing Strap?

By: Dawnerz


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When it comes to a towing strap, it's strength is a crucial factor that determines their effectiveness and reliability. While the width and design of a towing strap might catch one's attention, it's important to recognize that the material used is the cornerstone of its strength. A common misconception is that bigger automatically means stronger, but this notion is far from accurate. In fact, the width and elaborate layering or stitching patterns are secondary to the material's inherent properties.

Towing Strap Size-Strength Relationship

Consider a scenario where a towing strap boasts impressive dimensions – 6 inches in width, double or even triple-layered, adorned with intricate stitching patterns. It's easy to assume that such a strap would outperform its narrower counterparts. However, if this seemingly robust strap is crafted from polypropylene, for example, its actual strength might not match the initial impression. Surprisingly, a narrower 3.5-inch strap made from polyester or nylon, could potentially surpass its wider counterpart in terms of strength and reliability.

Material is Key

The material itself holds the key to the strength of a towing strap. Polyester and nylon are known for their exceptional tensile strength, making them ideal choices for applications that demand resilience and durability. These materials are engineered to withstand substantial forces without compromising their structural integrity. In contrast, polypropylene might offer some benefits in terms of affordability and lightness, but its tensile strength is generally lower compared to a towing strap made from  polyester or nylon.


All Dawnerz products are manufactured in High Tenacity Polyester Yarn for industries FDY with a breaking tenacity 8.5-9.2 cN / dtex. 

What does Industry FDY Mean?

Polyester FDY is the abbreviation for Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn. It is also known as Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) or Spin Draw Yarn (SDY). Polyester FDY is produced through a process called "full draw," where the polyester fibers are stretched and oriented to enhance their strength and durability. This process aligns the polymer chains within the fibers, resulting in a yarn that is smoother, stronger, and more uniform.

What is High Tenacity Polyester Yarn

Polyester Webbing - Material Science

One of the notable characteristics of Polyester FDY is its high tenacity, which refers to its ability to withstand considerable amounts of tension or pulling force without breaking. This tenacity is a result of the full draw process, which imparts excellent mechanical properties to the yarn. As a result, Polyester FDY is often preferred for applications that require sturdy and long-lasting fabrics used in a towing strap and lifting slings.

Stitching Techniques and Thread Selection

The integrity of a polyester towing strap hinges on the smallest details. Often overlooked, the choice of thread and stitching techniques wield profound influence. A polyester strap, while inherently robust, is rendered vulnerable when paired with low-quality thread and subpar stitching. This intricate synergy between materials and craftsmanship underscores the paramount importance of precision in ensuring steadfast durability.

Unmatched Tenacity and Quality

The high-strength filament sewing thread, recognized as Tetoron thread, is meticulously crafted using 100% polyester filament strands. This intricate process involves twisting, combining, sizing, and dyeing, among other supplementary steps.


Tetoron thread stands as a lubricated polyester thread renowned for its exceptional tenacity. Derived from continuous filament polyester of remarkable strength and minimal shrinkage, this thread boasts qualities that set it apart. Its inherent robustness is complemented by vivid and enduring colors, noteworthy wear resistance, and an impressive ability to withstand corrosion and mildew.


In towing straps, the material's strength eclipses size, proving that bigger is not always better! The selection of the correct material, stitching techniques, and thread type is pivotal, highlighting key areas of focus for optimal performance.

Choose strength that goes beyond dimensions! Opt for a Dawnerz towing strap crafted from High Tenacity Polyester Yarn. 


Elevate your towing experience with our meticulously engineered products, ensuring unparalleled strength, durability, and reliability. Trust Dawnerz for towing solutions that prioritize quality and unmatched tenacity. 

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