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Towing Strap for Trucks | 75,000 lb MBS - 30 ft

By Dawnerz

UPC: 850048038301

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Tow Strap Key Benefits

    • Easy to store with a convenient storage bag.
    • Secure attachment points to resist wear and tear.
    • Perfect for muddy trails, deep snow, and rugged landscapes.
    • Exceptional strength, minimal stretch, and abrasion resistance.
    • Ideal for recovering a range of vehicles, including SUVs and trucks.

Dawnerz 75,000 lb 30 ft Recovery Tow Strap

The Dawnerz range of recovery towing straps have been designed with safety, reliability and durability in mind! Wherever you operate your vehicles, our straps will perform consistently, time and time again.


Safety & Reliability

  • Consistent Performance: Our towing straps and designed to perform safely and efficiently in the most demanding of situations and environments.

  • Secure Attachments: The reinforced eyes allow effortless connection to a variety of shackles or secure anchor points on a wide variety of vehicles and machinery

  • Minimal Stretch for Maximum Control: Industrial grade polyester webbing has minimal stretch under tension, which provides a more controlled pull, optimizing safety during recoveries

  • Resistance to Elements: Our webbing is treated during manufacturing to provide additional resistances against oils, grease, chemicals and saltwater, ensuring it remains effective in different environments

Trusted Performance

  • Proven Reliability: Our products are trusted by customers across the United States, and are used in some of the most challenging industries and environments, from Construction Sites, Mining & Quarrying, Road Haulage and Agriculture

  • Easy Inspection: Designed for easy inspection before each use, allowing users to quickly check for any signs of wear or damage.

Convenience & Ease of Use

  • Effortless Storage: Polyester webbing easily and quickly can be folded or rolled to allow simple storage in even the most compact areas.

  • Quick Deployment: This compact design allows quick and easy deployment. Downtime is expensive, the sooner you get back on track the better!
Dawnerz 75000 lb tow strap on the floor infront of a fleet of trucks


Our products are designed for smooth and controlled maneuvering during recoveries

Dawnerz 90000 lb tow strap and shackle on a tractor


Engineered with high-tensile materials for reliable towing, even in demanding situations.

Dawnerz tow recovery strap fitted onto a yellow truck with a steel shackle


Our straps feature secure loops for connection with soft or steel shackles for a safe reliable tow.

Dawnerz tow strap attached to a large construction truck


Follow manufacturers guidelines and consult your vehicle handbook for safe practices