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Tow Straps and Web Lifting Slings

Our inventory is crafted to exceed industry standards, delivering unparalleled quality, durability, and safety assurance.


Whether you require web slings for industrial lifting tasks or reliable tow straps for secure transportation, our diverse selection offers tailored solutions to meet your exacting needs.


Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure peak performance even in the most demanding environments.
Take your time to check out our products and discover the ideal solution for your requirements.

Dawnerz Tow Straps

Dawnerz tow straps offer a dependable solution for all your towing needs. Designed with quality and durability in mind, our tow straps provide the strength and resilience required for medium and heavy-duty towing tasks.

One standout feature of Dawnerz tow straps is their impressive break strength. With strengths ranging from 75,000lbs to 380,000lbs, depending on the thickness, our straps are built to handle the toughest towing jobs with ease. This ensures that you can trust our tow straps to handle the weight and stress of heavy vehicles, providing peace of mind during every towing operation.

Additionally, our tow straps are equipped with extra padding sewn into the eyelets, offering an added layer of protection where it's needed most. This enhances the longevity and performance of the straps, ensuring they can withstand the demands of regular use.

With their exceptional strength, durability, and thoughtful design features, Dawnerz tow straps are the reliable choice for all your towing needs. Experience the difference with Dawnerz tow straps today.

Dawnerz Type 3 Web Lifting Slings

Type 3 web lifting slings represent a common and versatile choice in the realm of lifting equipment. Crafted from polyester, our web lifting slings provide durability and reliability, essential for and heavy-duty lifting tasks.

Our lifting slings stand out for their adaptability across various lifting scenarios. Featuring a broad load-carrying surface, they excel in distributing weight evenly, ensuring stability and security during lifting operations. Moreover, the option to augment them with protective sleeves adds an extra layer of safeguarding, particularly in areas prone to heightened wear and tear.

At the heart of the Type 3 web lifting sling lies its distinctive design, characterized by flat loop eyes positioned symmetrically at each end.

Referred to interchangeably as flat eye and eye or double-eye slings, this configuration enhances versatility and ease of use, allowing for seamless integration into diverse lifting setups.

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