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20 ft Recovery Tow Strap - 380,000 LB | Haul Truck Recovery Tow Strap

By Dawnerz

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Dawnerz 380,000 lb heavy duty recovery tow strap is specially designed to meet the demanding needs of extreme heavy duty construction and mining vehicles. Our industrial strength tow straps are engineered for strength and reliability, ensuring seamless towing operations every time.

Key Benefits

  • Extreme Heavy-Duty Recovery: Ideal for the most demanding recoveries, including semi-trucks, large tractors, and mining vehicles.
  • Compact and Handy: Includes a practical storage bag for convenient storage.
  • High-Tensile Polyester: Exceptional strength, minimal stretch, and abrasion resistance.
  • Triple-Reinforced Eyes: Secure attachment points specifically for steel or soft shackles.
  • 380,000 lb Breaking Strength: Capable of recovering extremely heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Universal Compatibility: Exclusively for use with steel or soft shackles.

Dawnerz 380,000 lb 20 ft Heavy-Duty Recovery Strap

Operators of heavy-duty vehicles understand the challenges of recovering stuck equipment in the toughest terrains. Whether dealing with muddy sites, rocky landscapes, or deep snow, having a reliable recovery strap is essential.

Featuring a compact design and a handy storage bag, this recovery strap is easy to store in your vehicle without occupying valuable space. When an unexpected situation arises, you'll have peace of mind knowing you have the power to recover heavy-duty equipment quickly and safely.

This strap is crafted from premium high-tensile polyester, known for its exceptional strength, low stretch, and resistance to abrasion, ensuring reliable performance even during the most demanding recoveries.

The Dawnerz recovery strap features robust, triple-reinforced eyes for secure attachment. Made from high-strength materials, these reinforced eyes prevent wear and tear during winching or pulling, extending the strap's lifespan.

The impressive 380,000 lb breaking strength translates to the ability to recover a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles, including construction and mining equipment. This ensures you have the power to handle the most challenging recovery situations.

The recovery strap features universal attachment points compatible with steel or soft shackles. This allows for easy setup and connection with your existing recovery gear.

Dawnerz 200000 lb recovery strap and shackles in a quarry


Designed for smooth and controlled maneuvering during towing & recovery operations.

Dawnerz 380000 lb tow strap in action on 2 haul trucks


High-tensile materials for reliable performance in demanding recovery situations.

Dawnerz heavy duty tow straps with reinforced loop eyes


Secure loops for connection with soft or steel shackles, ensuring a safe and reliable tow.

Haul truck with a dawnerz recovery tow strap and shackles on the drivers steps


Follow manufacturer guidelines and your vehicle handbook for safe towing practices.