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Type 3 Flat Eye & Eye Lifting Sling - 17600 lbs WLL

By Dawnerz

Original price $149.99 - Original price $259.99
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$149.99 - $259.99
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Size: 14 ft

Looking for precision control in your next lift? Effortlessly conquer lifting challenges with Dawnerz's 17600 lb WLL Type 3 lifting slings. These compact and versatile slings offer exceptional maneuverability for precise lifting in any environment.

Constructed from high-tensile, double-ply polyester webbing, these compact slings are built to tackle a wide range of lifting tasks with precision and control.

Ideal for use in Vertical, Choker, and Basket Hitches.

Durable Polyester Lifting Slings

Dawnerz Type 3 web slings are constructed from high-tenacity polyester, making them the perfect choice for demanding environments. Unlike other materials, polyester boasts exceptional resistance to common acids and hot bleaching agents, keeping your slings reliable for extended use.

Key Advantages

  • Ideal for Precise Lifting: The manageable size and weight of these slings make them perfect for controlled lifting in tight spaces or for delicate maneuvers. Handle even smaller loads with confidence.
  • Safety-Certified Versatility: Don't compromise on safety for smaller jobs. These slings are meticulously crafted to meet the industry's highest safety standards, featuring Class 5 certified webbing with a 5:1 safety factor for exceptional peace of mind.
  • Durable & Long-Lasting: Experience reliable performance over time. These slings are built to resist wear, moisture, extreme temperatures (-40°F to 200°F), chemicals, oil, grease, saltwater, and UV rays. They're perfect for conquering challenges in any environment, indoors or outdoors.
  • Easy Maneuverability: The compact size and lightweight construction allow for effortless handling and precise positioning, streamlining your lifting operations.

While polyester excels in many situations, it's important to note that concentrated sulfuric acid and alkalis require a different sling material.

Dawnerz Global Standard Web Slings


Crafted to Meet Global Industry Standards with a 5:1 Design Factor

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Gentle, Non-Abrasive Lifting with High-Quality Polyester Webbing

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