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Heavy Duty Lifting Sling - Eye & Eye | 44000 lbs WLL

By Dawnerz

Original price $549.99 - Original price $749.99
Original price
$549.99 - $749.99
Current price $549.99
Size: 20 ft

Dawnerz 44000 lb web slings are manufactured using 11.8” quadruple ply polyester webbing.

Hitch Types: Vertical 44000 lbs    Choker 35200 lbs    Basket 88000 lbs

Key Features:

  • Class 5 Certified webbing with a Safety Factor 5:1
  • Durable with great wear and moisture resistance
  • Operates effectively from -40° to +200° Fahrenheit
  • Reinforced Eyes for added protection and longevity
  • Resistance to Chemicals, Oil, Grease, Saltwater, and UV light
  • European manufacturer with over a decade of industry experience

We supply leading companies across diverse industries, including energy, mining, aerospace, transportation, and manufacturing.

Dawnerz Global Standard Web Slings


Crafted to Meet Global Industry Standards with a 5:1 Design Factor

Dawnerz Web Sling High Quality Material Selection


Gentle, Non-Abrasive Lifting with High-Quality Polyester Webbing

Dawnerz Web Sling Dual Safety Tag System

Dual Tags

Essential Details and Safe Usage Guidance Dual Sewn-In-Tags

Dawnerz Web Sling Safety Reminder - Follow Guidelines at all times


Always Follow the Manufacturer Guidelines and Safety Information