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Load and Length - How to Choose the Perfect Tow Strap

By: Dawnerz


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In the world of vehicular mobility, the unforeseen can often become an inevitable reality. Whether it's the muddied trails of off-road adventures or the unforeseen breakdown on a desolate highway, the need for a reliable tow strap is undeniable. Choosing the right tow strap is not just a matter of convenience, it's a crucial decision that hinges on factors as diverse as the load being towed and the specific requirements of the towing task at hand. 


Just as a seasoned traveler maps out their journey, a discerning driver should navigate the world of tow straps with care, factoring in both the weight of the load and the strap's length to ensure a safe and successful towing experience.

Tow Strap Load Requirements

In contrast to other load-bearing equipment, a tow strap does not prominently display a distinct Working Load Limit (WLL) indicator. Instead, they rely on an alternative measure to communicate their capabilities, known as the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS). This fundamental element shapes the essence of a towing strap and underscores its durability.


The Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) assumes a pivotal role in defining a towing strap's capacity. Unlike the straightforward Working Load Limit (WLL), which specifies a safe working load, and the MBS signals the threshold at which a towing strap could potentially give way under extreme force. The actual load a tow strap can safely manage hinges on the specific conditions of its use.


Understanding the appropriate safety margins for various towing scenarios is crucial, as diverse conditions call for different levels of precaution.

Towing Scenarios

When using a tow strap on conventional roads, a dual margin of safety typically proves adequate. This implies that the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) of the towing strap should be at least twice the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of the towed vehicle. Such an approach guarantees a reasonable level of security during standard road towing. Remarkably, in the testing of the Dawnerz tow strap, we successfully towed a truck when the strap's MBS aligned with the truck's GVW, affirming the reliability of this method.


Conversely, during recovery operations, such as extracting a vehicle from swampy terrain, deep snow, or sand, a more robust safety margin becomes imperative. In these demanding circumstances, the MBS of the tow strap should ideally be a minimum of three times the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of the vehicle being rescued. This additional strength factor takes into account the amplified stress and resistance encountered in recovery scenarios.

Tow Strap in Action

Identifying the Length Requirements

The determination of the length of a tow strap hinges on the intended duration of its use.


For instances where towing is primarily on smooth roads or highways, an optimal length of 20ft, with a maximum of 25ft, suffices. Longer straps could lead to inconveniences during cornering and tighter maneuvers.


Conversely, if the tow strap is intended for use in fields, quarries, or other rugged terrain, a length of 25 to 30ft emerges as the more suitable option. This extended length enhances flexibility, enabling secure towing even amidst challenging landscapes.

In Conclusion

The primary role of a tow strap centers on facilitating secure and controlled vehicle towing. However, it's essential to note that these straps should never be utilized for lifting tasks. In scenarios that demand load elevation, dedicated lifting slings are the apt choice.

We offer an array of lifting slings tailored explicitly for such tasks, guaranteeing optimal safety and performance. By distinguishing between the specialized functions of a towing strap and a lifting sling, you're not just making an informed decision but also prioritizing safety across the spectrum of your towing and lifting undertakings.

Navigate the diverse terrains of vehicular challenges with confidence. Choose our high-quality towing straps, meticulously tested and proven for road towing and recovery operations. Don't compromise on safety – explore our range now and redefine your towing experience with Dawnerz.

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