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75,000 lb Tow Strap - 30 ft | Tow Strap for Trucks & RVs

By Dawnerz

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Dawnerz 75,000 lb 30 ft tow strap for trucks provides strength, durability, and additional length to get you back on track safely and efficiently, built for the demands of medium duty trucks and RVs.

Double-Ply Construction for Maximum Strength:

Engineered with double-layered industrial-grade polyester webbing for unparalleled durability and reliability.

Reinforced with heavy-duty stitching for added strength and resilience, ensuring exceptional performance in the most demanding towing situations

Versatile Compatibility:

Reinforced Eyes for compatibility with both steel and soft shackles, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for various towing setups.

Exceptional Performance in Any Condition:

Resistant to chemicals, oil, grease, saltwater, and UV light, ensuring long-lasting performance in harsh environmental conditions.

30ft Tow Straps for Trucks - Conquer Challenges with Extra Reach

The Dawnerz heavy-duty truck tow strap, boasting a 75000 lb capacity, stands as a robust and enduring towing essential tailored for heavy-duty applications. Constructed with dual-layered industrial-grade polyester webbing, it delivers exceptional strength and longevity.

This tow strap exhibits versatility, seamlessly pairing with steel shackles, soft shackles, hooks, and clips, catering to a wide array of towing needs. Enhanced with fortified eyes for superior durability and safeguarding, it excels in enduring demanding towing scenarios.

Resilient against wear and moisture, this tow strap is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. Its performance remains unwavering in extreme temperatures spanning from -40° to +200° Fahrenheit. Additionally, it resists chemicals, oil, grease, saltwater, and UV exposure, rendering it an ideal choice across industries like agriculture, mining, quarrying, and road haulage.

Crafted by a distinguished European manufacturer with over a decade of industry expertise, this tow strap guarantees top-notch quality and dependability.

Featuring an impressive breaking strength of 75,000 lb (equivalent to 37.5 US Tons) and a stretch rate below 6%, this product also comes in a 20 ft length

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Dawnerz Tow Strap Infographic - Useful in all environments
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